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Freight Claims in Plain English

freight claims in plain englishfreight claims in plain english freight claims in plain english freight claims in plain english

freight claims in plain english

Freight Claims in Plain English*

-by George Carl Pezold and
       William J. Augello
Edited by- Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.
$285 for everyone
freight claims in plain english

Freight claims in plain english

Not many people attempt to know about freight claims unless they are in a situation wherein they have no option but be educated about these claims. Well, what is a freight claim? Alternative words like shipping / transportation / cargo claim, freight loss, and damage claim are also used. Basically it is a legal demand asking for payment that primarily arises from the breach of the contract of the carrier (generally, the bill of lading). To put it simply, it is a claim to recover the costs (sometimes costs plus the profits) from a carrier.

Details to be included in the freight claim

Most of the popular carriers in the United States offer their own form to file freight claims. In fact, you can usually download these forms from their websites. However, the fact is, no particular form is needed by law as long as you have the following information/papers with you:
  • Shipment invoice
  • Original Bill of lading
  • Delivery receipt
  • Invoice/proof showing the value of the commodities lost or damaged
  • Invoices for costs incurred

In case of damaged products, you also need:

  • Inspection reports if an inspection was conducted prior shipment
  • Copies of request for inspection
  • Loss notification
  • Waiver of inspection by carrier
  • Appropriate special documents including photographs, temperature reports, quality control reports, loading diagrams, weight certificates, Affidavits, package certifications, and condemnation certificates
  • Additional information such as the delivery date and vehicle number is useful as well.
Do bear in mind that if your claim form is not filled out accurately or any of the essential documents are missing, your chances of getting back money are quite slim. Every document matters and must be handled with care.

Deadlines – A significant factor to consider

Different carriers give you different deadlines. Some may acknowledge claims within 30 days whereas others may give you healthcare accounting in london about 90 days. Whatever be the case, it is a good idea to file your claim as soon as possible. In other words, you must start collecting the necessary documents hosted predictive dialer for your claim the moment you are informed of the damage or loss. If you wait longer, you might lose track of your records.

The carrier’s response

Once you have made the freight claim, you have to wait. The carrier will respond but they might take more time than expected. Sometimes they may even take 90 days or more to respond! That is why it is crucial to be organized and sip phone system london use a kind of procedure that works well for you so as to track your claims and ensure you get prompt response from the carrier. You may need expert help to get things done at the right time and in the right manner.

Legal implications

Another very basic principle that must be kept in mind when dealing with a claim is that legal principles and rules vary depending on the mode of transportation. International air, domestic air, domestic water, Motor, rail, or international ocean different deadlines for initiating lawsuits ip camera installation in london if a claim is denied and all have different time limits for filing claims. Therefore, only with clear cheap gatwick car service guidance, you can go about claiming for freight loss or damage and successfully get your money back!

Get More Out of Your Freight Claims by Following These Simple Tips

Nobody likes to shell out money from their pockets when it comes to paying freight or any other claims. Whenever you file for freight claims, do not be surprised to see your carriers trying to come up with some or the other excuses or chanderi skirts mistakes about your documents. So, the major london forwarders question is how can we be smart and try to get back our rightful money through the clutches of such carriers.

Inspection of Goods upon Delivery

The most common excuses that you might hear from carriers are that the cargo was damaged by you and not when it was in their hands. In order to avoid all such hassles, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Ensure that you always inspect the cargo as piles treatment soon as it gets delivered to you. If you find that the cargo is damaged or items are missing, immediately record the exception on the Bill of Lading and ensure that both, you and the carrier sign the delivery receipt.

Contact your carrier immediately and explain the problem. In case of concealed damage, you can contact the cheap heathrow car service carrier within 5 days. The carriers might request for an inspection of the damaged goods, and then take the necessary action.

Visual Proof of the Damage on Goods

Request the carrier to conduct the inspection within two weeks. The more website development the delay, the more likely the carrier would blame the damage by you. Ensure that you keep all the packaging materials that came along with the parcel.

Ensure that you pay your freight bill and maintain the copy of the paid freight invoice shipping goods from uk with you. This will be required as a supporting document at the time of filing your claim. Click photos of the damaged goods. In case your medicine for piles carrier is hesitant to take the responsibility of the damage, you sea freight from uk can always show them the photos of the damaged product while they were in the trailer.

Detailed Knowledge about Freight Claims and Other Documents

If you really want to get back your money, then you need to understand everything you can about freight claims and Bill of Lading. Go through the carrier rules and guidelines for filing a claim along with deadlines for submitting it.

Look into what exactly is the maximum value that your carrier can pay when it comes to damage or loss of cargo. You might not get the full claim amount in the following situations:
  • If the product is slightly damaged such as a scratch or a dent, but is functioning properly
  • Additional freight charges
Ensure that you file your claims as soon as possible or within the stipulated time of 9 months. Important documents that are required include:
  • Bill of Lading (Original)
  • Signed Delivery receipt
  • Inspection form or reports if any
  • Temperature reports, quality control reports, impact records etc


Once you submit your claim form, ensure that you keep following up with the respective carriers for your payment. Settling claims can really get on your nerves, as it requires a lot of patience and follow ups to get your hard earned money.

"Freight Claims in Plain English"

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freight claims in plain english

The text has been expanded to cover many new subjects, recent developments and court decisions affecting transportation in general and claims for loss and damage to cargo in particular, including developments in international ocean and air transportation, intermodal, and cross-border trade with Canada and Mexico.

freight claims in plain english

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freight claims in plain english